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About us

Stoke FM is the love child of a secondhand antenna and a keg party. Kootenay Co-op Radio and Begbie Brewing left the baby to the party’s host, Scott Duke, a man with minimal first aid experience and little faith in single parenting. So Scott did what anyone would: bagged the woman of his dreams, bought a house, and wholeheartedly took on the responsibility of raising the abandoned child. Stoke FM saved up its money while broadcasting in Scott’s basement. After a couple of years, and a couple more keg parties, Stoke FM did what any kid would do.

Moved out of its parents’ basement.

Stoke FM now resides in a penthouse in the trendy East 100 Block on 2nd Street in downtown Revelstoke.

We play the tunes that you would actually listen to all while creating a “stoke” culture channel. The not-for-profit station has partnered with 140 local Revelstoke businesses, sponsored events, and cross promotes up and coming artists and shows. It provides a voice for everyone from yoga teachers to politicians. We are dropping the needle on the classics, playing all the new indie tracks, and running a gamut of shows hosted by local celebrities—no need to mention that everyone is famous in a small town.

Our Team

Sean Whalen

The Morning Show & Music Listeners’ Club

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Whalen’s got a wife, a bald head and kids. He’s the one on the left. He started the ML Club so that he could get drunk every Thursday night without “hearing about it.” He has a huge breadth of musical knowledge, which expands with the beers. Once, he drank whiskey throughout the entire show, and spent the entire next day puking. So yeah, Whalen’s a boss.

Kate Roberts

Host of Caked Up
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Patrick Spencer

Board member
Host of Lobster Poutine

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Patrick Spencer can be found taking over the Stoke FM airwaves as Bungalow Vansion while hosting Lobster Poutine.

Likes: Snacks, Snow, and Great Tunes
Dislikes: Onions, Acoustic Guitar, and Drum Circles

Catch him on air every Sunday night between 5 and 6 pm. Lobster Poutine is an eclectic mix of oldies, goodies, and whatever’s been going through Pat’s head that week. When he’s live in the studio, Pat loves it when listeners call in to chat, request songs, and humour him.

Aaron Orlando

Board member
Chairperson of the Programming Committee

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Aaron Orlando is a Revelstoke-based journalist. He is the creative director at Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine and At Stoke FM, he volunteers as chairperson of the programming committee. If you have an idea for a radio show of any kind, please contact Aaron, who can guide you through the development process from idea to on the air.

Kyle van Yzerloo

Board member

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Often found sailing the frequen’sea’s and riding the airwaves of Stoke FM hunting for hidden booty and lost treasure, Kyle takes care of all things involving bean counting and balancing (on a peg leg of course). He grew up downstream the Columbia River and sailed up to Revelstoke in 2018. When not hunting for lost treasure below, he can be found riding the plank in the alpine on all slopes looming over the town.

Lerrit Robinson

Board member
Host of Monday Night Mayhem

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Nolan Libby

Board member

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Will Harding

Board member

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